Our courses

Below you will find descriptions of each of our most popular workshops. These will always be tailored to match the work roles, settings and client groups of the participant group. They can also be adapted to focus on specific concerns or interests that the training group may have. In many cases it is possible to merge workshops together - for example:

  • Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour with Beyond Abuse

  • Edge of Darkness with Razor's Edge

  • Troubled Minds with Different Worlds

Just let us know what you want from the workshop and we will do our best to design it for you at no extra cost.

Troubled Minds

Understanding People with Mental Health Issues, An Introduction to Mental Health

Razor's Edge

Working with Self-harm, Working with People who Self-injure

Different Worlds

Working with Psychosis, Psychotic Experiences, Working with Hallucinations, Delusions and Paranoia

Shattered Assumptions

Working with Trauma, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Post-incident Support, Trauma Counselling

Beyond Abuse

Working with High Risk Service Users in the Community, Working with Abusers, Working with Perpetrators