For classroom based training you can check our availability via the calendar below. Additional dates may be available for online courses.

The next step would be to contact us to let us know of your interest. We can then explore with you:

  • Possible dates - we can provisionally hold dates while you check the arrangements at your end

  • Adaptations to the standard programmes

  • Particular issues, needs or requirements that you may have

  • Course evaluations, certificates of attendance, attendance registers etc

  • Any other aspects that you or we may wish to clarify

If everything is agreeable, we will provide you with

  • A full course description which you can use for your own publicity purposes

  • Details of the cost inclusive of all expenses

We will then prepare for the course, reproduce the handout packs for the participants and make arrangements for travel and accommodation.

You will be responsible for arranging the venue ("The Training Venue " - below), catering, course publicity and ensuring that participants arrive on time.

After the course, and only when we are satisfied that the course went well, we will send you our invoice and any other paperwork (e.g. attendance list, course evaluation forms etc).

Adapting courses

The courses outlined on this site are purely illustrative. Each "Standard" course will always be adapted to:

  • reflect the specific needs of the target group

  • their professional roles and responsibilities

  • the context within which they work

  • their client group

  • their organisation's policies and procedures

it is also possible to "blend" courses together - for example:

  • Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour"can be blended with "Beyond Abuse"

  • "Edge of Darkness" can be blended with "Razor's Edge"

  • "Troubled Minds" can be blended with "Different Worlds"

It is, however, important to be realistic about what can be achieved in the time available as all our courses involve a very full programme.

The Training Venue

In deciding upon a training venue it is advisable to bear the following points in mind:

  • The course can be noisy, and periodically shouting , swearing and furniture being thrown about may be heard emanating from the training room. If you are hiring a training room it makes sense to check with the administrator whether this will cause concern for other users of the building.

  • Only one training room is required, but this should be large enough to seat the training group in a single horse-shoe shape, with space in front for the trainer. Any tables should be moved out of the way.

  • As the training is theatrical, it is helpful if there is a nearby cloakroom or similar for the trainer to change clothes.

  • The only equipment required is a Projector Screen. If you can prove a laptop and projector that is fine, but we can bring our own.

  • It would also be helpful if you could advise us of the nearest or most convenient place to park.

Group sizes

We do not put a limit on the number of people that you put on a course. In fact most of our courses work better with larger rather than smaller groups. This is because of the highly dramatic and theatrical nature of the courses - they require an audience! We will deliver to groups of 6 and less, but it is far more economically viable for you if you put more people on the course. Sometimes small community groups don't have enough staff of their own, but have entered into a partnership with other local agencies or sold places to other interested parties.

16 is a good sized group, 24 is no problem and often works brilliantly, 32 is also okay, but the venue has to be good, and above that it becomes more of a show than an interactive experience, however some audiences prefer this approach.

Other Matters

Pre-Course Information: It is advisable that participants are pre-warned that these are intensive, evocative emotionally challenging courses. They will not be asked to do any role-play or acting, but the material is presented in a very dramatic way. Because of the dramatic nature of the course it would be appreciated if you can do everything you can to ensure that participants arrive in advance of the start time.

Group Rules: Written ground rules will be provided at the beginning of the course, but should you wish to have a copy of these in advance, please let us know and we will be happy to forward them on to you.

Attendance Lists and Registers: We are happy to ensure that your Attendance List or Register is completed and returned to you.

Handouts: We will supply a pack for each participant.

Evaluation Forms: We assume that you will want to use your own in-house Course Evaluation Forms, and are happy to distribute and collect these on your behalf. If you wish us to use our own forms, please let us know in advance. If no evaluation materials are provided, we will assume that you have your own system of evaluating the course.

Certificates: We do not routinely provide Certificates of Attendance as most organisations have their own in-house arrangements. We can, however, provide you with a Certificate Template (no cost) which you can edit and print yourself. Alternatively if you wish us to supply the certificates there will be a small additional cost.